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DS Game Maker 5.12

Creates and modifies basic 2D gaming programs
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Invisionsoft Inc.
Generate, update and enhance gaming applications in the suite with a set of basic tools for creating and testing. It imports 2D images for developing design components and provides options for generating platformers, puzzle games, arcade games, quests, etc.

With the DS Game Maker program you can use the tools provided to make code free games for the Nintendo DS. The DS Game Maker is easy to use and includes everything needed to create games. The user interface is clearly organized, but yet has features from many other popular game designing programs.

There is a free version that can be downloaded which has a few of the features, but only the registered version is complete with all the tools and features. The free version lets you design your own games for the DS and receive help from the support center. You also have access to 100% of the game codes and there are no license limitations.

The registered version has all that and there are more than 40 actions which can also be used. This can also include animated sprites and scrolling backgrounds. There are also vibrations possible if you have a so-called rumble cart, as well as hand writing recognition, touch screen action and integrated scoring. The description text can be changed also.

The software is linked with a website that includes a forum where you can find help from others too. The games you create can also be uploaded to the DS Game Maker site and other users can also play it and give their comments and suggestions.

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